Custom Whiteboard Animation


So What is a Whiteboard Video? Here’s What you Want to Know About Them

New ideas, perpetual innovation and constant creativity are the need of the hour today if you want to get ahead of your competition. People keep coming up with moments of brilliant wisdom producing ads which take your breath away. A brainchild of man’s intellectual extent is the whiteboard animation. A white background is quite enough to steal the attention, but what could be better than fast forwarded real time drawing on the canvas? Such is the marvel of whiteboard animation videos; it just looks so pleasing to the eye. Art has always attracted human mindset, and real time drawing is pretty riveting in itself. So whiteboard explainer videos not only demonstrate incredible artistry, but they also present an underlying story through moving characters. As the artist’s hands draw, the characters also move, animated like cartoons.

Looking for an Effective Marketing of Your Business? Choose Whiteboard Animation Services

A simple yet extremely effective way to get your word to the audience is using a whiteboard explainer video. It takes digital video scribing to another level. When it comes to transforming viewers into consumers, whiteboards do it the best. You just can’t take your eyes off them. This is what whiteboard animators bring to the fore:

  • Mesmerizing to watch
  • Viewers get totally involved in the emerging drawings and the informative voice-overs.
  • They are self-explanatory
  • The best thing about whiteboard animations is that they are easy to understand. In fact, they evoke easy concept generation.
  • They throw away conventions
  • Conventional advertisements are thrown out of the window with the all new brand of marketing, which is an up and growing change.

Let us Now Look at Our Offerings as a Video Scribing Production Company

A synonym to whiteboard animation is video scribing. As you know, they’re being employed everywhere. Business startups, product launches, professional presentations, lecture videos and classrooms. There are countless video scribing companies. Some let you create your own videos, others construct them for you. So the question is which one to choose? These are the qualities which you must look for in your choice.

  • Customer care and accountabilityOne thing which we quite openly state is our accountability to our clients. We are answerable to you and we will fix the video for you in whatever way you suggest. We have an interactive passage of video development through which our technical staff, the animators and graphic designers are continuously in contact with you.
  • Cost effectivenessWe have no shame in bluntly stating that we are quite cheap! Well, that relates to our prices which are never a burden on our clients. With the massive competition around us and fancy promises everywhere in the business, our economical rates always seem to gain us a greater audience.
  • Experience and proficiencyIt takes a lot to build a team.We constantly keep our recruitment process going, inducting interested and capable candidates to our group. Primarily, what we look for in our workforce is passion. Everyone in our staff, designers, writers or proofreader, all take tremendous pride in what they do.


Time For You Now to Trust Us

We believe you’d have done your market survey now and are looking to make a final choice. So let us make it easier for you. Visit our website and take a look at how we market ourselves. See our home page and the video animations that explain our business. Check out the samples and believe what you see. We would once again reiterate our claim that once you become our customer, you’ll always be our customer. This is because ladies and gentlemen that we never let go of you. Through our regular promotions and services, you’ll always be a part of our family. Your business, we market!