The way we process each order customized as per the client’s needs

It’s a normal day at Our team is busy working on ideas and editing video content. Euphoric customers, content with the final product, are seen walking out of our headquarters. Storyboards are being developed and multiple client consultations are in progress. Work is at its pinnacle. A silent observer stands and wonders how? Here’s how. | Don’t be confused.

Let’s take you through the processthat leads to the remarkable FlamingoVideo animations:

  • Step 1: Consultation and discussion of ideas
    This step calls for the client to submit a few requirements and specifications via a short questionnaire. Following that,a consultation meeting is arranged, and the work begins. Brainstorming, researching the client’s business and product offering, designing, planning and coordination begin here. We ensure the maximum involvement of our clients at this stage in order to study customer requirements closely and come up with unbeatable results. We ensure that the client’s core values and the main message is projected through the animations so that the intended impact can be achieved. The client is free to choose and suggest what styles, templates and animations they want.
  • Step 2: Script writing and storyboard design
    Without further ado, our team gets to work on developing and writing an engaging and exciting script. We understand that the video content should be attractive and we leave no leaf unturned in order to put the best and the most extraordinary ideas together to present to you what will help you pave your way towards successful branding! Our expert script writers will work with you to devise a phenomenal script which is then converted to graphic images on a story board. They are skilled at converting complex value propositions of your business into lucid and absorbable content that has a high recall rate. We build a collaborative relationship with all our clients to ensure that the script is 100% original and meets their expectations. We select the most compelling graphics, characters and effects in order to create the best animations ever. Once you approve the storyboard design, we embark on adding animations and effects.
  • Step 3: Voice over and video editing
    Give voice to the character and kindle life into your brand’s story! You can get one of our experts to do the voice over or you can provide a voice of your own. We work in HQ and ensure that multiple revisions are made in order to deliver a final product that is impeccable and mesmerizing. Our video editing employs the best technology and equipment so that the quality is never compromised. Our editing continues till our customer is satisfied for we believe in perfection!
  • Step 4: Final delivery and Publishing
    The final video is delivered to the client in multiple formats so that it is compatible for video sharing on multiple social media forums. We also provide post delivery customer services so that our clients never go unsatisfied. In case of any issues, free of cost amendments are made, keeping the quality and accessibility intact.