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Experience explainer video production like never before

Do you feel that your business or brand is not being able to make a mark within the masses? Or your targeted audience is unable to gather the true purpose behind your company? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely get an explainer video from us at FlamingoVideo.
Our explainer video production service is managed by a team of innovative writers, directors, and designers who work hard every day to bring out the true essence of every brand or company that comes to us for assistance in terms of video marketing. We do this by translating our clients’ ideas into creative and interactive videos that convey their message as simply as possible.
We believe that nothing comes close to visual communication, which is why we make these explanatory videos.


 Our explainer video company works thoroughly on every video

At FlamingoVideo, explainer video production is a thorough process, and includes the following steps.

● We begin by gathering all the information that we need from the client. Once that is done, we start working on the script, which is then sent to the client for approval. We move on only if the client likes the script. Otherwise, we make changes to it and get it accepted.
● As soon as the client approves the script, we move onto the storyboard, which consists of visual frames or slides that help in the organization of the video.
● After the storyboard has been approved by the client, we start working on illustrations and voice overs.
● Next, we work on animations, and make sure that the visual and sound effects are in accordance with each other.
● The last step in the process involves converting the finished video into several formats and sending all of them to the client so that they can use the one that suits their circumstances the best.

Other explainer video companies very rarely follow such a step-by-step process but we go through all the hassle just to make sure that everything is according to your needs and requirements.

Trust the best explainer video company and get your desired results

Get explainer videos from us, as the ones we make are meant to cause real impact. They are tailor-made according to your needs and fulfill their purpose by speaking for your business, brand or company.

Here are the reasons why FlamingoVideo is amongst the top explainer video companies.

● We work tirelessly to produce videos according to the demands of our customers, and do not leave a single leaf unturned in the pursuit of creating flawless, engaging content.
● We tell your story in the best possible way. While high quality is extremely important to us, our main purpose as video producers is to narrate your ideas and thoughts in an interesting and unique manner.
● We do not have a set template for the videos that we produce. Instead, each project is begun from scratch and executed along the lines drawn by the respective client. We believe in authenticity and creativity.
● We work hard on the concept behind every video that we produce. Our job isn’t just to produce ‘cool’ animations; we actually know a great deal about branding and marketing.
● Our videos are not just meant to be viewed by your targeted audience, but are also aimed at improving engagement. This means that they will help you in achieving your business goals and ideals.
● We make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with their order. If they aren’t, then we make the required changes to their videos.

We offer customized animated explainer video services

We can make you an animated explainer video that fully suits your requirements. This is because we make sure that our clients are aware of the progress of their videos, and that they approve the end product at each stage of production. In addition to this, we take great care when noting down each and every client’s instructions as they place their orders with us.

Getting explainer videos cheap has never been this easy!

Our prices are extremely reasonable, which means that you won’t feel burdened when paying for our services. However, if you have special requirements, then you would be charge accordingly. Our correspondent will send you a quote as soon as you get in touch and confirm your order.Have you never placed an video order with us before? Well, that’s not a problem at all! In a way, it is actually good, as we offer a discount of 10% on all first-time orders.

Our team of video explainers, expert strategists, marketers, designers, writers, and directors is eagerly waiting to work for you. Sign up now and experience the best of video production right from the comfort of your homes.We believe in having strong communication with all our clients throughout the process of production. This is why we send them regular updates regarding the making of their videos.